And here I thought I had tummy troubles!

Check this out:  Meet Bailey the golden retriever who ate four gloves, a mitten, a stocking and NINE socks but lived to wag his tail | Mail Online

Eating mice is one thing, but socks?  A towel?  Gloves?  Yuck!

Those goldies are really weird dogs, you know?  Like when I meet them when I’m out walking whichever human is lucky enough to accompany me, they just sort of look at me with that “duh” look on their faces.  Where’s the passion?  The excitement?  The joie de vivre (I think that’s how you spell that)?  I guess we terriers (especially we “more wins at Westminster than any other breed of dog” WIRE FOX TERRIERS)  just have to accept that all dogs are not created equal.  Sigh.

By the way, you know what I said in my first post about NOT bothering with the stuff over there on the side?  Actually, there is at least one thing worth checking out – the Blogroll.

Now, because I know you’re just chomping at the bit (forgive the equine reference – perhaps I should have said “I know your tongue’s just hanging out”) for another picture of Yours Truly…


Hoser contemplating my magnificence

You can see how Hoser’s just in awe of the way I grasp that yellow toy in my formidable jaws.  Do you think maybe he’s trying to suck up to me so that he never has to know just HOW formidable those jaws are?  Hmmm…

Well, I must be off.  Squirrels to chase, dogs to bark at, etc. 😉

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